Cornelius Reitmayr, Victor Haberkorn, visual artists | Alexandra Vildosola, concert design | Valentin Alisch, Niklas Berlec, Tobias Hönow, web design | Seehundmedia, video production and stream | Beate Rieker, executive management | Clemens K. Thomas, artistic management | Julia Beier, project management | Paul Hangstein und Julia Liebermann, project assistance | Felix Ast und Peter Härringer, stage management

Welcome to KONTAKT, our interactive web installation.

Welcome to a virtual journey in sound between ASMR, improvisation, social encounters and of course: contact microphones. Get contactless in contact with us by logging in.

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The following sound experience requires a stable internet connection and headphones.

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Christian Dierstein
Lucia Kilger

This livestream has two audiovisual layers. You can choose your own perspective by clicking on this button


The Chat

You will enter the first space now.
It’s a chat room to interact with KONTAKT’s voice.



Exploded Piano

Klaus Steffes-Holländer
Morten Riis


come closer

Eduardo Olloqui
Shizuyo Oka
Melise Mellinger
Åsa Åkerberg
Allan Gravgaard Madsen


Welcome to KONTAKT.

You just entered the virtual lounge.
And this is your avatar – that’s you!

You can move around by moving your cursor or clicking anywhere on the screen.

Discover the virtual lounge by yourself. Get in touch with other users by clicking on their names, meet our Ensemble members and find the doors to enter the next rooms!

virtual lounge

Max-Lukas Hundelshausen
Alexandra Vildosola


You are meeting
How do you want to react?

say »Oh, you're here?«
hug passionately!
give a fist bump to
»Let's meet in the chat room!«
Come Closer
Exploded Piano
The Chat